How Can A Physical Therapist Help My Child?

For some parents it can be scary at first when they get the news that their child needs to see a physical therapist. There is nothing at all to fear. We are your #1 ally in getting your child to be the best they can be.

Pediatric physical therapy focuses on kids from birth up to 18 years old. Treating kids over such a large age range can be tricky, but it is very fun! My focus as a pediatric therapist is all about helping kids gain strength so that they can explore and interact with the world. For the babies this starts with rolling and lifting their heads up, reaching for toys, and sitting up. As kids get older we continue to help them stand, walk, jump, and play as much as they are able. A lot of times the therapy looks like playtime, but it is designed to help strengthen or stretch certain muscle groups, work on balance, and manage pain. I work with kids with all sorts of diagnoses to help them be the best that they can be.

We Help Your Child To Be The Best That They Can Be

When a child first comes to physical therapy we do an assessment looking at the types of things that they are able to do and discuss the goals that they or the family may have. We value all the input from the child and family and are focused on having the best team centered approach to get the most out of physical therapy.

During the evaluation we get to know the child’s favorite games, toys, and music that they enjoy. We will observe the child as well as complete a hands on assessment to determine what areas physical therapy will focus on. Depending on your child’s needs the treatment sessions will include many activities for strengthening, stretching, balance and endurance.
We know that sometimes kids may be a little weary of new people, but that’s where getting them involved with something fun is so important for participation. We greatly rely on parents and caregivers as they are the experts on their kids. Each goal is made based on the needs and the wants of the child and family.

Rosie Flammang, DPT. I am a licensed PT in the state of Connecticut. I graduated from Quinnipiac University with my doctorate in physical therapy in 2010. I work at a children’s hospital treating kids who are currently hospitalized, as well as those who come for outpatient appointments.