Why Physical Therapy?

As any consumer, but especially a healthcare consumer, we tend to think of the “why” behind the purchase. Why this provider? Why this drug? Why this company? Why this clinic?

And, as a healthcare consumer, we automatically assume that healthcare services are expensive regardless of where they are coming from.

There is an exception to this and that is Physical Therapy.

In fact, Physical Therapy (PT) has been shown to save thousands upon thousands of dollars for healthcare consumers.

· For shoulder injuries, PT saved 5 times the cost versus surgery.

· For knee injuries, PT saved almost 7 times the cost versus surgery.

· For neck injuries, PT saved over 10 times the cost to the consumer versus surgery.

· Getting in early to see your PT for low back pain was shown to save $3000 per case.

· In fact, getting PT first reduces your likelihood of surgery, injections, and repeat doctor’s visits!

The biggest advantage to you as a healthcare consumer with getting PT first is not only that it saves you a bunch of money, it saves you time. And, time, you can never get back.

Get physical therapy first and you get your life back; keeping you body and your bank statement happier and healthier than any other healthcare option out there.

Ben Fung, PT, DPT: I write, blog, teach, share, strategize & solve. MBA University of Michigan, Doctor of Physical Therapy.