If you’re following us on social media at all (especially Twitter and Facebook) you’ll have noticed that we are planning something big for October 1st. We strongly believe that physical therapy is the best choice and should be the first choice for those dealing with pains, sprains, strains, and more. We have chosen that day to “takeover” social media with all the reasons people should consider seeing a physical therapist before opting for injections, pills, and surgery.

The focus of this event is promoting the many success stories of physical therapy and how physical therapists can get you back to the things you love. PTs can also help you save money by avoiding surgery and getting you better, sooner through what’s called “direct access.” Please join us in sharing the what, why, how, and when that people should consider calling a physical therapist first for dealing with a variety of issues.

There is an incredible amount of research to show how physical therapy often gets the same or even better results than many types of surgery. But October 1st isn’t a day to share research, it’s a day to share the many ways physical therapy┬ácan help. PTs don’t just work with athletes, they also work with those in pain, those dealing with cancer, those suffering from pelvic pain and incontinence, those in the ICU, those with a child who needs help, and the list goes on and on and on.

There are some great, inspiring success stories and other stories that show the balance of compassion and tenacity that you will find in a Physical Therapist. There are countless stories like this, but we also want to hear yours. Will you join us? It only takes a minute to post something on your favorite social media platform. Can you imagine the impact we could all make if we collectively used our voices? We can. Thanks for partnering with us in this.

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The event on Twitter will be during the 8-9pm Eastern timeframe, which is 5-6pm Pacific.