Another Physical Therapy Success Story

Pete’s story is very unique. He has gone from a patient to a promoter of therapy and an advocate for people suffering from pain. Pete is from England, so you’ll notice some variations in spellings as physical therapy is called physiotherapy over there. Here’s his story:

My story is very typical of that of a back pain patient. I was, like many patients, looking for that magic bullet to take away the back pain. Managing my pain was like playing a game of snakes and ladders – a game of luck. Most days melted into the next and I was a very poor pain self-manager. I did not exercise or generally look after my body, I ate all the wrong foods, and when something went wrong with it, I expected the doctor and other healthcare professionals (including Physiotherapists) to fix me.

My Turning Point!

In July 1996, I attended the INPUT Pain Management Programme (PMP) in London. It was described to me as a programme that could help me to increase my confidence and mobility and provide me with the pain toolkit of skills to self-manage my pain. I thought this was finally something that could help me turn the corner and help me live with my back pain. Within the programme, Physiotherapists showed and encouraged me to stretch and exercise on a daily basis, but in a different way to others I had seen over the years. Previous Physiotherapists hadn’t explained or taught me how to do graded stretching and exercise. I was just told how many of each exercise I was supposed to do. To me at the time, I began to think that to stretching and exercising actually increased my pain, so I stopped doing them.

On the INPUT programme, the Physiotherapists explained to me and the group that graded exercise will lower the pain and I will regain my mobility and confidence. They were right and I haven’t looked back since. As I have become older, I now have extra pains to manage, like arthritis, but I still use the advice I was given by the Physiotherapists to keep moving, stretch, and exercise daily. How much pain medication do I take? I have not taken any since 1997. Yes Physiotherapy works and I will always be grateful to the Physiotherapists at the INPUT programme, especially Vicki.

– Pete Moore

I have been back in full time work since 2000 developing the Pain Toolkit concept and to date I have never had a day off sick. Today I teach both patients and healthcare professionals the importance of pain management especially the importance of graded stretching and exercises along with other key pain management skills like pacing. You can read more about me, my story, and the work I do at  You can also email me at