People Suffering From Spinal Cord Injuries Can Benefit From Physical Therapy

Helping someone after a spinal cord injury (or any neurological injury) improve his or her quality of life is right in a Physical Therapist’s alley. Physical Therapists (PTs) are the absolute experts in how the body moves, functions, and heals. We understand the science behind helping muscles get stronger, how nerves make new connections, and how to apply that science to exercises to help people get better. Life does not end after spinal cord injury. No matter the level of injury or severity of paralysis, a physical therapist can help to improve things such as sitting and/or standing balance, arm and/or leg strength, and walking ability.

Omar’s Story

Nothing emphasizes a point better than a story, so let’s share one. Omar was a healthy young adult until a car accident in July 2009 left him paralyzed from a spinal cord injury. After his accident, Omar had trouble moving his arms, had little control over his legs, and was not able to sit or stand. At this time, he was confined to bed or his wheelchair and dependent on others for all care and transport. In November 2014,

Omar came to our facility for physical therapy in November of 2014. By then he had all the feeling back in his arms and legs, but still needed help to sit or roll over. He was not yet able to stand or walk. Omar was consistent in his commitment to high intensity exercises with his therapists. After physical therapy for two hours per day, five days a week for 12 months, he was able to see progress and an improvement in his overall movement. Now, Omar can sit without help, stand still without help, and take steps with help. He can get around by pushing himself in a manual wheelchair, and can move from his wheelchair to/from his car with help. Omar understands that physical therapists can make a difference, and he continues to work with physical therapists to achieve his goal of walking again.

Faith and perseverance, combined with the skill of a Physical Therapist, can lead to amazing results. We are a knowledgeable and caring profession that exists to help people get better.

Marcia Darbouze is a Doctor of Physical Therapy employed at NeuroFit360 in sunny South Florida. NeuroFit360 is a neurological recovery and wellness center that aims to use skilled physical therapy interventions to push the boundaries of preconceived notions towards physical abilities after severe neurological injury. You can follow her on Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat/Facebook by searching for @NeuroFit360, or check out the website at