Physical Therapy Is For Everyone

Are you a self described “non-athlete?” Do you subscribe to the myth that physical therapy is only for star athletes or those who have just had some kind of major surgery? Have you ever wondered, “Who is physical therapy for?” If so, we’ve got great news for you: physical therapy is for everyone.

Here is just a partial list of everyday folks who can benefit from seeing a physical therapist:

  • Factory workers
  • Elderly individuals
  • Children with obesity
  • Diabetics trying to manage their blood sugar
  • Office workers
  • People with Parkinson’s disease

Do you have a child who is struggling with their weight and has never been involved in sports? A physical therapist can help develop an exercise program to get them active in a way that they enjoy. PTs can help diabetics find ways to stay active and help keep their blood sugar in check. People suffering from progressive conditions like Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis can also benefit from seeing a physical therapist for strengthening, mobility, and fall prevention.

A Body Needs To Move To Stay Healthy

Being healthy is more than just eating the right things. Having strong muscles and bones is essential for having a healthy body. Being active helps not only those things, but your heart, lungs, and brain as well. Consider this snippet on the benefits of activity to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease:

According to the Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation, regular physical exercise can reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by up to 50 percent. What’s more, exercise can also slow further deterioration in those who have already started to develop cognitive problems. Research suggests that exercise protects against Alzheimer’s by stimulating the brain’s ability to maintain old connections as well as make new ones. Reference:

Being healthy is more than just weight loss, it’s being able to do the things that you love. Many people can be limited on what they can do based on injuries, illnesses, or conditions. A physical therapist can help to educate you on your specific situation and develop an individualized program that is made to help you meet your goals. Remember, this is about you being your best.

Contact your local physical therapy clinic to learn more about how a physical therapist can help you. They will be glad to explain how they can help you meet your goals.