Pediatric physical therapists help your kid be their best, no matter their condition.

Click here to learn more about how pediatric PTs help kids. Below is an excerpt from that post.

“Pediatric physical therapy focuses on kids from birth up to 18 years old. Treating kids over such a large age range can be tricky, but it is very fun! My focus as a pediatric therapist is all about helping kids gain strength so that they can explore and interact with the world. For the babies this starts with rolling and lifting their heads up, reaching for toys, and sitting up. As kids get older we continue to help them stand, walk, jump, and play as much as they are able. A lot of times the therapy looks like playtime, but it is designed to help strengthen or stretch certain muscle groups, work on balance, and manage pain. I work with kids with all sorts of diagnoses to help them be the best that they can be.”