Before You Rush To Get That MRI For Low Back Pain, See A Physical Therapist

If you’re suffering from low back pain and wondering why your insurance company won’t approve an MRI before going to physical therapy – there was a great study done on about 800 individuals where they compared two groups. One that went straight to imaging and one that tried physical therapy first. What they found, was that the ones that went straight to imaging (X-rays, CT scans, MRI) had a greater likelihood to¬†go to surgery, have injections, and end up in the emergency room compared to those who went to physical therapy first.

Physical therapists are specially trained experts in low back pain. They are trained to identify any red flags or emergency situations that would require further medical assessment. They’re also trained to help you understand your low back pain, find the root cause of your condition, and give you some practical advice on how to resolve those issues without medication and without surgery. So, if you’re dealing with low back pain and you have not received the authorization for an MRI, I encourage you to find a local, licensed physical therapist in your area and have a conversation about your condition.

Anthony Maritato is a PT at Total Therapy Solutions