Physical Therapy Isn’t Just For Athletes

Physical Therapy Is For Everyone Are you a self described “non-athlete?” Do you subscribe to the myth that physical therapy is only for star athletes or those who have just had some kind of major surgery? Have you ever wondered, “Who is physical... read more

Pete Moore: My Story Of Back Pain

Another Physical Therapy Success Story Pete’s story is very unique. He has gone from a patient to a promoter of therapy and an advocate for people suffering from pain. Pete is from England, so you’ll notice some variations in spellings as physical therapy... read more

Your Age Is Just A Number: Redefine “Old”

Physical Therapy Can Help You Be Your Best At Any Age Ageism is defined as stereotyping or discriminating a person or group because of their age. Here’s a quick test: What comes to mind when you think of an elderly person? How do you define the word old? ●... read more

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