Movement Matters

The human body is made to move. It craves it. It’s built to function around movement, providing our bodies with the innate capacity to strengthen, to heal, to age gracefully, and to thrive at its peak.

Needless to say, movement is vital to the optimal functions of our bodies. But it’s much more than that.

To move is to experience life. Our ability to work, to play with our kids, to compete at our best, to explore the world around us…movement is at the center of it all. Regardless of age or physical limitation, movement makes it possible for all of us to reach our greatest potential as humans.

In this respect, the task of optimizing and restoring movement—the mission of physical therapists across the country—is about more than personal health. It’s about transforming lives, empowering communities and, yes, changing the world.

One life at a time.